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Hall of Shame
The most important day in the life of heating and air conditioning
equipment is the day that it is installed.  Nearly as important is regular
maintenance by a qualified service technician.

Unfortunately, manufacturers say that over 70% of equipment is
installed by HVAC contractors with major flaws in the installation
process.  We spend a significant amount of time correcting mistakes
made by other companies.

Here are just a few examples of problems we have encountered.
This customer called us after another
company never returned to finish repairing
his A/C.  Because the previous company
had screwed his contactor in
(the only
way they could get it to operate
), the
customer was turning the unit on and off by  
the main breaker.  We discovered that they
had wired his transformer incorrectly, thus
rendering his thermostat powerless.  We
did remove the screw!
This was a new install by another
company. We were called because it was
not working properly and the owner did not
want that company to come back out.  This
electrical conduit was missing the other
half of its connector, thus risking a short in
the electrical wiring.  
The company that installed this unit wired
it incorrectly, nearly causing the unit to
catch on fire
(notice the blue wire nut
at the bottom of the picture that
completely melted off).
This unit was improperly wired.  These high
voltage wires are rubbing against a sharp
metal edge that will eventually cause a
This air conditioner was installed inside
in an attic.  Not only is this against
code, the coil can never be washed
and will result in higher power bills and
will shorten the equipment life.
This package heat pump was installed
without weatherproof flashing between
the unit and house.  This would result in
problems with rodents and rain getting
in the crawl space.  This was also
installed with an improper drain and no
pad under the unit.
The weatherproof flashing on this gas
furnace flue pipe was installed inside
the attic instead of on top of the roof
under the shingles.  Notice the dark
stains on the roof sheeting indicating
rain leaking into the attic.
All I can say is I hope the homeowner
has the fire department on speed dial!
We stopped counting at 5 wiring errors
and several code violations!!